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Ground Run-Up Enclosures
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Blast Deflectors, Inc.

Ground Run-Up Enclosures

BDI pioneered a cost-effective, technologically-advanced solution for ground run-up noise attenuation. We offer ground run-up enclosure (GRE) facilities that use patented components, proven designs and a spotless track record of successful installations. BDI’s philosophy is to balance project requirements with practical solutions.

  • Planning & Design Support: Ground run-up noise assessments / Photorealistic renderings for communicating concepts to stakeholders / Support for FAA Part 150 studies, airspace studies, obstacle free conflicts, aerodynamic usability, etc.
  • Engineering: Continuous innovation using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element (FE) / Computer aided design (CAD) and 3D structural models for BIM integration / Local code compliance of concrete foundations, anchoring systems and structural design
  • Fabrication & Supply: ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures that the highest quality standards are followed / Global manufacturing capability offering the highest quality materials and production techniques / Custom-manufactured solutions to meet unique project requirements
  • Delivery: GRE material delivered to any location in the world via truck, rail, ocean or air freight / All material is professionally packed in easily-handled bundles / Project management team oversees design, delivery and construction to meet schedules and deadlines
  • Installation: BDI’s staff of field technicians provide site assistance to ensure a smooth and efficient installation / Our diverse capabilities enable BDI to offer turnkey installation service / All BDI projects are backed by a performance guarantee and material warranty
  • Performance Verification: Upon completion of an installation, BDI can assist with field validation of the GRE performance / Field measurements of jet blast exhaust, air flow and acoustic performance are compiled into a report / BDI’s R&D department uses field data to develop new products and solutions
  • Support: Spare parts and replacement components are stocked at various BDI facilities around the world / Refurbishment program to evaluate and repair older facilities to extend service life / Archives of documentation and details from more than 1,500 past projects available

A Run-Up Noise Solution

BDI’s approach is based on providing our customers with the highest quality products and services that match our international reputation of performance and value earned over the last 60 years. This reputation includes technically-sound designs, timely deliveries, professional installation and outstanding post-project customer service.

The combination of the aerodynamically advanced Stabile FlowTM design with the effectiveness of Noise BlotterTM acoustic panels provide an aerodynamically efficient GRE with very high usability and outstanding noise reduction.

BDI can design and build ground run-up enclosures for any aircraft mix including commercial, general aviation and military.

BDI utilizes the latest aerodynamic, acoustical and structural software packages, combined with scale modeling and field measurements, to ensure project requirements are met.

Let us assist you with your project by providing a complimentary analysis demonstrating how BDI’s GRE technology can mitigate a specific ground run-up noise challenge.

The Aerodynamic Challenge

Running aircraft engines at high power settings while stationary can be challenging for various reasons:

  • Aircraft engines require smooth and turbulence-free air
  • Modern aircraft are efficient and powerful, and the latest turbofan engines use high bypass ratios with larger fan diameters that are closer to the ground than previous generation aircraft, which can create significant aerodynamic challenges
  • Ground-running aircraft in a GRE is more complicated than open-field conditions due to the fixed facility orientation, tall acoustic walls, and atmospheric conditions
  • Successful ground-running of aircraft engines requires avoiding turbulence at the nacelle(inlet)

Through the use of scale model testing, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and field evaluation of more than 30 completed facilities, BDI’s GRE facilities have innovative aerodynamic features that maximize facility usability.

GRE aerodynamic design is a critical factor in usability. An aerodynamically efficient, curved jet blast deflector at the rear of the GRE redirects the jet blast vertically and maintains the jet efflux momentum to drive the flow inside the facility.

Our 3-sided GRE design starts with sloped entry walls with a rolled top to improve airflow into the facility and eliminate vortex formation, due to separation, at the front and top of the side walls.

Our 4-sided GRE design uses large, vented front gates with sufficient open area to supply the necessary air into the facility. The side walls of our GRE facilities use large, acoustically-treated vents to provide engine entrainment air and to improve usability in cross-wind conditions.

BDI’s patented, vented rear-wall, the VertiventTM, directs entrainment air to the discharge lip of the jet blast deflector. The VertiventTM improves the jet blast discharge angle, reduces high intensity turbulence due to the jet blast discharge, and dramatically improves usability in tail wind conditions. BDI GREs are designed to use the momentum of aircraft engines to smoothly drive air with minimal turbulence generation, not only through the jet engines but through the entirety of the facility. Our aerodynamic know how and the outstanding performance of our facilities is one reason BDI builds the best GREs on the market.

Noise Attenuating Technology from BDI

Engine run-ups typically occur at night, precisely when communities near airports are most sensitive to noise. With over 30 successful GREs constructed to date, BDI understands that the primary reason to build a GRE is the acoustic benefits such a facility brings to airports and communities. BDI works with all stakeholders to develop a solution that, first and foremost, meets the project’s acoustic requirements.

BDI uses the latest computer noise modeling programs and truly understands the complex issues and regulations involved in analyzing aircraft noise challenges. BDI’s GREs incorporate high-performance materials and designs in our patented Noise BlotterTM acoustic panel, which were designed specifically for control of the low frequency noise generally associated with aircraft ground run-ups.

These panels feature a high transmission loss (STC) of 36 and effectively absorb low frequency noise. These panels have demonstrated a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 1.25 and maintain an absorption coefficient of 1.0 at 100Hz. The use of hydrophobic materials and acoustically-transparent wrap materials ensure that the panels will provide a long, maintenance-free service life.

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Kalitta Air Builds Ground Run-Up Enclosure

Blast Deflectors, Inc. recently completed a project to provide the design and supply of a new GRE for Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport.

BDI Celebrates 65 Years!

BDI Celebrates 65 Years!

Blast Delectors, Inc. celebrates 65 years as a global leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of jet blast deflectors and ground run-up enclosures.

Former Airport Director Andrew Solsvig Joins the BDI Team

Former Airport Director Andrew Solsvig Joins the BDI Team

BDI is pleased to announce that Andrew (Andy) Solsvig has joined its team as a Business Development Representative in its Reno, NV (USA) headquarters.

New Noise-Reducing Aircraft Test Facility Coming to Toronto Pearson

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Blast Deflectors, Inc. has been selected by Bombardier to design an aircraft test facility at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

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New EAT Visual Screen Taking Shape at DFW

BDI was selected by Austin Bridge and Road to design and supply an End Around Taxiway Visual Screen at DFW in July of 2019.

New GRE Coming to Orlando Melbourne International Airport

New GRE Coming to Orlando Melbourne International Airport

The airport received a $4 million grant from the State of Florida for the noise-reducing, aircraft testing GRE facility.

Portable Blast Fence Crucial for Construction Safety at LaGuardia

Portable Blast Fence Crucial for Construction Safety at LaGuardia

The BDI portable blast fence and deflectors are a key element to facilitate construction during active airside operations.

Santiago Terminal Project gets BDI Deflectors

Santiago Terminal Project gets BDI Deflectors

The Santiago project is broken down into two phases, in which BDI will be supplying a total of nine areas of jet blast deflectors (JBDs).

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