Aviation World Congress

03 Nov 2022 - 04 Nov 2022

Aviation World Congress
View event site Location: N/A Organiser: Aviation Conference Organiser Website: https://aviationconference.com/ Organiser phone: +442089383258 Organiser email: [email protected]

Aviation World Congress will take place on 3–4 November 2022 as a virtual conference.

Expecting to welcome 200 delegates and 25 speakers over a 2-day period, the World Congress event will focus on the global aviation market and the challenges it is currently facing, especially post-pandemic.

Event highlights:

  • Keynote speakers:
    • Global aviation market post-Covid
    • Emerging business models for the new aviation sector
    • Smart airport infrastructure
    • Airport drone disruptions and solutions
  • Digital airport ecosystems
  • Future of air traffic management
  • Future of sustainable aviation
  • Post-Covid challenges for airport security
  • Digital boarding and the future of air travel
  • Tacking operations services challenges post-Covid
  • Networking opportunities
  • Panel discussion: emerging trends in the global aviation market

The current 2022 speakers are Nina Smith, Head of Training at the Civil Aviation Authority, Tony Chapman, Senior Director of Collins Aerospace, and John Brough, Director of Operations at Delta Controls Inc.

Read more about the Aviation World Congress here and register for your Early Bird, VIP or Full Price tickets here.

The event is organised by Aviation Conference.

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