We manufacture customized refueling and ground support equipment for aviation, road transport and marine purposes, with a customer-oriented approach.

Customer-oriented approach is our guiding principle. In our design and production we bring together our know-how and the clients’ requirements. By constantly training our staff, improving our production methods and quality control, we form a strong basis for developing our products. We are proud of what we do, and it shows. We strive to make high-quality products that satisfy our clients, while being environmentally friendly, safe to use and economical.

Fixed Aircraft Refueling Systems

We custom-build fixed refueling systems according to customer specifications for various needs and environments, with pumping rates from 1000 l/min up to 20 000 l/min. When necessary, systems can be designed for easy transportation. Common features for our refueling systems are reliability in all temperatures, low cost of maintenance and eco-friendly design.

Aircraft Refuellers

Jet-Tekno’s semi and full trailer aircraft refuellers are designed for efficient and flexible operation. Durable and well-equipped, they provide a practical solution for both civilian and military purposes. Overall versatility, low profile and integrated lift deck equipment make our refuellers suitable for various refueling needs. Capacity of up to sixty thousand litres and high fill rate ensure fast and efficient refueling. Jet-Tekno has solid expertise in difficult environments and demanding operating conditions. Our know-how, combined with a choice of high-quality materials and components, helps us design and construct robust and reliable vehicles without any compromises.

Toilet and Water Service Trucks

Jet-Tekno provides a flexible solution for aircraft potable water service trucks. Our system fits on various truck chassis and can be equipped with a lift platform. Adding to workplace comfort and safety, trucks are fitted with information displays inside the cockpit and in the lift platform cage. Reversing sensors and cameras for the vehicle are also included.

Efficient insulation and an extensive heating system guarantee the reliable operation of our ground support vehicles even in arctic environments. Stainless steel tanks and lines are made to withstand the most demanding conditions. High-grade components and excellent workmanship come as standard, of course. Large tank capacity and easy operation ensure fast and cost-effective ground services.

Hatch Pits

Jet-Tekno’s Hatch Pits are normally used on airfields. The hatch makes it possible to cover the electric boxes and connectors. Closed hatch creates a level surface with the surrounding tarmac and the hatch can be run over with vehicles when closed.

Fresh Water Container

Designed for transport of fresh and potable water, this container features a 11 500 l tank, water pump and a diesel generator that provides all necessary power. Efficient insulation, tank equipped with heating elements, and a block heater for the engine help keep the container ice-free in cold environments. Stainless steel tank and integrated cleaning system assist in keeping the contents fresh for a long time. This water container fits inside a standard 20′ sea container for easy shipping.


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