Airport Scheduling and Operational Systems

PDC delivers an extensive suite of airport scheduling and operational systems to assist your airport is running smoothly. With more than 30 years of global experience in the Aviation Industry, covering Airports, Airlines and Slot Coordinators, we understand the dynamics and complexity of the ever changing Aviation Industry.


PDC AODB covers all aspects of the airport operation and it can run in multi airport mode, serving independent airports or a family of airports.

PDC AODB is in real time contact with all other airport vital systems like Slot Coordination, AIMS, BHS, Docking, FIDS and AFAS systems ensuring instant exchange of information between the different systems.

PDC AODB is the switchboard where all information, manually collected or automatically retrieved, is exchanged between all stakeholders.

For small to medium sized airports, the PDC AODB is offered as a cost effective and fully managed Cloud solution, simplifying deployment and operations. For airports that have in-house capacity to host and manage the solution, the system can be installed on site.

Whatever you choose, you can rely on PDC’s expert knowledge and experience within airport systems to assist you with the implementation and subsequent support. The PDC AODB solution can also be supplied with a Billing module, taking most of the manual labour out of the invoicing process. In the Billing module, the price structures for different services provided to airlines, which can include both airport charges and Ground Handling Services, are defined. The Billing module draws on the actual operated flights and the services provided to generate a PDF invoice ready to send to your customers.


PDC FIDS is a Flight Information Display System for small and medium sized airports. It is available as an onsite installation or as a Cloud Service and supports multi airport operations.

The PDC FIDS package contains many useful features like a Flight Generator, a Stand Allocation package, Gate Assignment, Check-in Handling, Baggage Handling features etc. All these features are configurable through Administration programs.

The package has the possibility to handle automatic flight status messages from SITA or other message suppliers. The airport may be operated automatically without operator interventions.

The airport may at any time, be operated manually through the PDC FIDS program.

FIDS Combined with AODB

If you combine PDC FIDS with a standard economy system, it is possible to operate the complete airport without investing in a separate AODB system. For improved automation and more complex operations, PDC FIDS is a natural companion to the PDC AODB. If you already have an AODB system, the PDC FIDS system will easily integrate.


PDC PAS is a sophisticated automatic Flight Announcement and Passenger Announcement system for airports. The system employs state of the art text to speech technology to generate naturally sounding announcements in 26 different languages in response to any change in the underlying real time data.

The data may come from any source like AODB or FIDS or even the airline’s own database. The phrases used for the announcements as well as the rules for the announcements can be easily customised by the user and incorporate dynamic data elements from the data source. The package has a wide range of features giving the customer the freedom to adopt the announcements to today’s requirements with a few mouse clicks.

The PDC PAS system is also supplied with a web interface to manually trigger specific announcements when needed.

Stand and Gate Management – StandPlan

PDC StandPlan is a Decision Support system used for planning the assignment of aircraft to stands and gates in airports. Within a single system, you can perform the full spectrum of planning from long term capacity assessments and seasonal planning to fine-tuning the plan on the day of operations, when delays and changes have to be accommodated.

Workforce Management – PDC Plan

PDC Plan is a solution for managing Staff and equipment within the ground handling processes. The system includes facilities to handle both Staff Rosters and day of operation dispatch. This is performed in combination with other external systems within the airport. Solutions can be tailored individually or acquired as an all in one seamless system.

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