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Airport Guidance Software and Equipment

JCAII is a company based in Ontario, Canada which specialize in visual guidance solutions for airports.

We offer a suite of state-of-the-art guidance software and equipment that provides airports with the tools needed to ensure the aircraft is directed safely and automatically through the apron areas.

Our team is 100% committed to client satisfaction and excellence in service delivery. Our products are built on a foundation of innovation and are fully scalable and customisable for small or large installations.

Our airport guidance software and equipment products include:

  • Bay Management Software; Our proprietary software program controls aircraft movement through de-icing areas and delivers efficiency and safety. The program is integrated with de-icing trucks and other equipment for real-time data collection.
  • Electronic Message Boards; JCAII designs and manufactures reliable, robust electronic message boards with flexible messaging systems. These can be mobile or fixed and have applications at de-icing pads, gates, and other taxiway areas.
  • CEDD Technology; JCAII offers embedded LED CEDD Technology with electromagnetic sensors to identify aircraft positioning. These robust lighting systems optimize aircraft positioning, eliminating the need for traditional marshalling equipment and staffing.

Visual Communication Systems for Airport Applications

JCAII is developing and implementing the world’s most advanced and specialised visual communication systems for airport and aviation applications.

JCAII SmartPad® is a patented turnkey solution that incorporates our entire suite of products to accommodate any size airport or operation. Our integrated program provides flexibility at airports where permanent infrastructures are non-existent or possible due to space constraints. The ability to create a remote de-icing facility improves airport efficiency by providing needed gate space for incoming aircraft. Concentrating de-icing operations confines chemical run-off and helps achieve environmental sustainability.

Efficiency also translates into saving for the airlines.

  • Safer operations;
  • Reduced fuel consumption;
  • Improved on-time performance;
  • Reduced crew time;
  • Fewer misconnected passengers and bags; and
  • Reduced flight cancellations.

Integrating all systems into a single point of control facilitates data capture while increasing reporting accuracy and decision making and reducing administrative workloads.

Electronic Message Boards

JCAII Electronic Message Boards (EMB) provides a visual communication systems that can be permanently installed on the airport site, mobile (trailer mounted system with generator) or installed on a vehicle.

Our boards are designed and built for harsh Canadian winter climates and come with a two-year warranty for parts and labour. We can customize the boards to your specifications, including personalized automated messages.

The boards are equipped with redundancy to ensure a safe operation and provide a good visual for the pilots in all weather conditions.

  • Integration into the airport existing communication platform;
  • Multiple use year round;
  • Can be wired for data and electrical; and
  • Can operate on generator and Wi-Fi or cellular.

Most Advanced CEDD Technology in the Airfield

CAII’s SmartPad® solution contains the worlds most advanced CEDD Technology in the airfield today. This patented, LED based lighting technology is manufactured in Germany by Hellas airfield lighting division and is known as Contactless Energy and Data Distribution (CEDD). CEDD is designed and manufactured for maximum reliability in harsh environments and precision control. Connectivity is provided through an inductive clamp which extracts the data and energy required without the need to expose sensitive cabling connections to the elements, such as traditional AGL systems.

CEDD power controllers connect to the local Ethernet to which provides the ability for the operator to control and monitor the lighting for each bay in the CDF. When CEDD is coupled to JCAII’s pad management software, it creates a superior level of calm, mission focused control on the ground.

The addition of CEDD lighting to our SmartPad® suite saves significant time, fuel burn and removes the need for unnecessary people and equipment to support the operation on the field.

De-Icing Management System

A key component of the AIM System suite of products is our Bay Management System (BMS). The system efficiently manages all de-icing operations while collecting data and providing real-time information to all stakeholders. BMS is compatible with other data sharing systems, such as:

  • Telemetry Systems;
  • Weather monitoring devices; and
  • GPS and transponder based inputs.

All aspects of the operation are time stamped and recorded which provides a multitude of data that can be broken out and analyzed to target improvement areas.

Designed to be operated in a centralized location with minimal staff the BMS helps support:

  • Efficient and safe throughput;
  • Fluid inventory;
  • Equipment monitoring;
  • Data collection and reporting; and
  • Graphical visual of the pad.

The JCAII Bay Management System is designed to operate with all the AIM System products, as well as any other software-based system.

Icelink® is a patented web based de-icing Management System designed to provide real-time operational performance data for all stakeholders. The system is scalable to any size operation and can be used for remote de-icing facilities as well as gate operations.

  • Improves efficiency by also reducing verbal radio communications;
  • Designed for ease of use with iPad utilization;
  • Records all transactions with time-stamps;
  • Enables infinite opportunities of analyzing data;
  • Can be used as records keeping for training;
  • Monitors truck activity and fluid levels.

Icelink® is one of the most efficient tools to allow operational adjustments to be made instantaneously. It can be adapted to provide any statistic a stakeholder requires and can be shared with everyone for ease of communication.

JCAII brings carwash-like automation, centralized de-icing facilities (CDF) to remote de-icing facilities (RDF), through advanced equipment and sophisticated proximity detection software. Engines on de-icing platforms and RDF’s are provided with an unprecedented level of awareness and proximity activated surface guidance equipment that will seem tailored to each pilot as they approach to the designated de-icing bay. The level of coordinators can expect a calm and clear mission focused environment as all participants are on the same page without the need for marshallers and unnecessary radio chatter, which may lead to miscommunication.

SmartPad automation is:

  • A platform of high efficiency throughput;
  • Less personnel, equipment and resources on the pad;
  • Consistent placement of aircraft and level of service;
  • Dramatic efficiency built on safety system.

From system design, installation and implementation to after sales support, the JCAII team is committed to the delivery of exceptional customer service.

Our specialists will manage the product development each step of the way. This includes customized software and product development, integrating new products with existing systems, product commissioning and staff training. JCAII supports all clients with post commissioning technical assistance.

JCAII is an Ontario, Canada based company specializing in visual airport guidance software solutions.


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United Airlines Dulles Airport Operation is ICELINK®’d Up

United Airlines (UAL) deicing operation at Dulles Airport upgrades to JCAIIs ICELINK® deicing winter operating system.

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United Airlines to Modernise Its Deicing Operations with JCAII...

United Airlines is set to modernise its US deicing operations with a system-wide deployment of JCAII's Icelink solution.

GTAA Awards Contract to JCAII for Replacement of EMBs at CDF

GTAA Awards Contract to JCAII for Replacement of EMBs at CDF

The Greater Toronto Airport Authority has awarded JCAII a contract to provide its EMB technology at one of the largest CDFs in the world.

Schiphol Renews EMBs, Invests in Deicing Operations with JCAII

Schiphol Renews EMBs, Invests in Deicing Operations with JCAII

Schiphol Airport has contracted JCAII to deliver Icelink® and Icelink® SmartPad® products, including its latest generation of EMBs.

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