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Lattix develops and produces passively safe and frangible aluminium mast systems and constructions.

A strong focus on research and development paired with innovation and creativity has given Lattix a pioneering role in  passively safety masts. Lattix has become a global brand with patented and certified products that actually save lives.

Lattix’ unique manufacturing method enables producing aluminium masts as one-pieced lattice constructions, which are light-weight, strong and safe.

  • Strong – Our products are designed to tolerate extreme weather
    conditions and the stresses from anything attached to them.
  • Light – The use of aluminium means low physical weight. This helps fulfil the goal of limiting impact consequences under collisions. Lightweight Lattix products are easy to handle, reducing installation effort. In addition Lattix products leave a smaller ecological footprint due to easier transportation.
  • Safe – Lattix products are not only strong, but safe. The constructions withstand extreme physical stress, but are frangible under impact.

Approach Light Mast Systems

The Lattix approach light station systems are adapted to fit any instrumentation and lighting. The system is designed for easy access to instrumentation for maintenance purposes. Systems available up to 16m.

Frangible Tower (Glidepath, radio tower, FOD)

The Lattix frangible tower systems are adapted to fit any instrumentation and antenna equipment needed for its purpose. The system is designed for easy installation, access and maintenance purposes.

The frangible towers has a modular structure that enables adjustable heights and a number of accessory kits. The towers can be applied for Glidepath installations, radio towers, FOD, etc.

MPMA Systems (Multi-Purpose Mast – Aviation)

Lattix’ MPMA systems (Multi-purpose mast – Aviation) can support any aviation equpment. A large number of connectores and mounting equipment is available.

Wind Cone Systems

The Lattix Wind Cone Systems are available in 3 basic configurations: Heliport, Airport and Extreme. The systems have different sizes and capacities adjusted to the accordant need.

Extra Tall Masts

The extra tall Lattix systems are specially adapted according to the requirements in ICAO and frangible sections. Also, the dynamics and engineering knowledge is transformed for easy access. Systems available up to approx. 40m.

Floodlight Mast Systems

The Lattix floodlight systems provide a franglible support lights and floodlightssystems can be adapted to fit any lighting armature available in the market.

Lighting Columns

Lattix Lighting columns provide the same passive safety and frangibility properties as the Lattix safety masts. This makes the lighting columns especially approriate for road sections without crashbarriers.

The litghting columns are also appropriate for use near or at airfield runways as they fulfill ICAOs frangibility requirements.

Localizer (ILS) Mast Systems

The Lattix LLZ systems are adapted to fit any LLZ antenna and also the rigid requirements by ICAO. The system is designed for easy access to antennas and instrumentation for maintenance purposes.

Surveillance and Communication Mast Systems

The Lattix surveillance systems are adapted to fit any type of surveillance equipment such as cameras, WiFi antennas, sensors or other instrumentation.

The system is designed for easy access to instrumentation for maintenance purposes can can be adapted to all kind of eqipment. Due to the aluminium lattice construction the mast is characterized by a very high stiffness, which prohibits vibrations or oscillations. Thus it is well-suited for all sensors and cameras that need a steady support for uninterrupted and undisturbed surveillance, communication and measurements. Systems are available up to 16m.

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Lattix Images

Lattix | Approach Light Mast Systems

Approach Light Mast Systems

Lattix | Frangible Tower

Frangible Tower (Glidepath, Radio Tower, FOD)

Lattix | MPMA Systems

MPMA Systems

Lattix | Wind Cone Systems

Wind Cone Systems

Lattix | Extra Tall Masts

Extra Tall Masts

Lattix | Floodlight Mast Systems

Floodlight Mast Systems

Lattix | Lighting Column

Lighting Column

Lattix | Localizer (ILS)

Localizer (ILS) Mast Systems

Lattix | Surveillance

Surveillance and Communication Mast Systems

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