Ready to purchase a new ARFF truck? Learn about the Oshkosh Striker and what to expect from a visit to the Oshkosh facility.

Oshkosh Striker Production: A Visit to Oshkosh Airport Products

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When purchasing an ARFF truck from Oshkosh Airport Products, customers aren’t only getting a state-of-the-art firefighting vehicle; they are getting top-notch service along the way. Whether engaging in a pre-build conference or a final inspection before the shipment, ARFF customers can visit the facility where each Striker® ARFF truck begins its life. Even prospective customers who have not yet purchased an Oshkosh ARFF truck can have a chance to see who we are and discover the array of options we offer.

Review what you can expect during your visit to Oshkosh Airport Products below.

ARFF Truck Manufacturing: What to Expect During Your Visit to Oshkosh Airport Products

ARFF Discovery and Research

When an airport or fire department are in the market for a new ARFF vehicle, the process is generally started by a committee conducting a research and learning phase. They may schedule visits to various ARFF manufacturing plants in order to gauge the market and determine which provider will suit their needs the best.

In this initial visit, prospective ARFF customers can tour the Oshkosh Airport Products facility to discover what features and apparatus are available. Meetings with specific Oshkosh personnel can be arranged during this visit so customers can learn about each aspect of the manufacturing and engineering process in detail.

ARFF Vehicle Pre-Build Conference

After a truck order has been placed and reviewed, clients can take part in a pre-build conference at the Oshkosh Airport Products facility. This meeting will consist of the following:

Oshkosh Airport Products Factory Tour

Tour the Oshkosh Airport Products production floor and get a behind-the-scenes look at how ARFF trucks are born with Oshkosh Airport Products associates who will share insights and provide detailed information about what goes into building an ARFF truck to your exact specifications.

Review of Various ARFF Truck Options and Features

Every customer’s priority is to get a truck that meets their specific need, but visitors on tours will also get a firsthand view of other ARFF vehicles built with the latest options and innovative features.

A group of people surrounding an Oshkosh striker vehicle in a warehouse

For example, are you unsure if your truck needs a Snozzle®? See other ARFF trucks which have this feature or stop by the Snozzle manufacturing station on our production floor. By seeing other trucks in production, you may get further inspiration for your own Striker.

ARFF Truck Spec Review

To ensure expectations for the truck build are met, we will start on the first page of specifications and go through it line by line. This is one of the steps in verifying how each truck will go from paper to steel. This is a great time to review details and answer any questions with the option to visit any other unit production area to speak directly with experts on each vehicle feature.

Discuss ARFF Vehicle Modifications

After seeing everything there is to see on the production floor and reviewing your spec sheet, you will be able to provide any adjustments needed to your truck’s specifications. Work with your sales representative to finalize these changes and they will ensure every last detail is met.

ARFF Vehicle Pre-Shipment Final Inspection

After finalizing your order, a lead time will be given before the truck is ready to be shipped. In that time, the team at Oshkosh Airport Products will be engineering and manufacturing your Striker ARFF truck to meet all specifications and requests. Following production completion, customers will have a chance to review all elements of their new truck and verify it meets all expectations and requirements.

New ARFF Vehicle Visual Inspection

ARFF vehicle visual inspection includes a thorough analysis of the exterior and interior of your new Striker ARFF. Take a seat in the operator’s chair, walk on the roof, audit the engine compartment and ensure the truck meets every standard. Your sales representative will be present to review any questions and explain every detail of the truck.

ARFF Truck Spec Review Comparison for Verification

Along with the visual inspection, customers can compare the initially submitted specifications and the completed truck. If specification changes are needed, this is the opportunity to discuss with your salesperson about options.

ARFF Truck Driving and System Testing

An image of people inspecting an Oshkosh striker vehicle outside in a field

ARFF vehicle driving and system testing is the step many customers look forward to the most – getting in the cab and taking their new Striker for a ride. We will take your new ARFF to one of our designated testing locations for driving and validating the truck’s systems, including all discharges. Test all nozzles, practice utilizing the truck’s joysticks and ask questions of the Oshkosh Airport Products’ experienced team to get insight into the operation of the systems on the truck.

New ARFF Truck Review and Modifications

You may find elements of your new Striker ARFF truck you want to be adjusted. You may decide to add an entirely new feature. This final inspection provides the opportunity make these requests.

Team Photo Op

An optional photo and video opportunity will be offered during your visit. Oshkosh Airport Products will use these images and videos for promotional purposes and to help further educate our customers. All content will be provided for your department’s use.

No matter what stage in the ARFF buying journey you’re in, your visit to Oshkosh Airport Products will be invaluable. You will meet the ARFF team charged with building your truck and supporting it long after it leaves our facility. We love seeing customers from all over the world experience our facilities firsthand and we strive to make every visit to Oshkosh Airport Products a memorable one.

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