When it comes to taking excellent care of your crew during layovers, Accommodations Plus International (API) has consistently stood as the premier provider that sets new standards.

With a rich legacy spanning over 40 years, API has pioneered the transformation of crew accommodations, elevating layovers from mere convenience to extraordinary experiences. At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to excellence, underpinned by innovative technology, ensuring that every layover becomes an uneventful and rewarding journey for your crew members.Flight crew walking through airportAt API, our unwavering mission is clear: to provide the best and most efficient layover experience for your crew. We recognize the importance of a well-rested and content crew in ensuring seamless airline operations. To this end, we combine top-tier service with cutting-edge technology, crafting experiences that not only meet but exceed crew expectations. Our approach is simple yet effective: while the airline remains our client, the crew member is always our valued customer. Every facet of our platform and service revolves around crafting exceptional layover experiences, from ensuring comfortable accommodations to efficient ground transportation. Our attention to detail ensures that your crew members don’t just depart satisfied but with a sense of delight.

API’s distinguished track record speaks volumes. With over four decades of experience, we’ve solidified our position as a global leader in crew accommodations. Our integrated platform, supported by a team of over 500 seasoned professionals, meticulously oversees lodging and ground transportation for over 41,000 individuals across 100+ airlines worldwide, every day. This expansive reach speaks not only to our dedication to excellence but also to the trust our clients have consistently placed in us. Our cutting-edge systems seamlessly automate the complex task of securing over 15 million crew layovers each year, epitomizing our efficiency and reliability.

Our comprehensive platform, complemented by and integrated, award-winning mobile crew application simplifies the intricate process of uneventful crew accommodations. This empowers you to entrust the management of layovers to us, freeing up precious time to focus on other critical airline operations.

Our proprietary crew management platform, ACES, lies at the core of our technology platform. ACES ensures that every facet of the crew member journey is automated, leaving no room for errors. From securing accommodations to coordinating ground transportation, ACES ensures a seamlessly predictable experience for your crew members.

While our commitment to delivering exceptional layover experiences remains steadfast, we are experts in understanding the financial implications of crew accommodations. This commitment aligns with our promise to deliver cost savings for our clients. Our team of dedicated account managers and destination sourcing experts meticulously safeguard your airline’s financial interests. Our fully integrated EInvoicing platform guarantees accurate adherence to hotel contract rules as well as fully automated tax avoidance! API ensures that your crew members luxuriate in top-notch accommodations while keeping costs within your control.

API’s pioneering legacy in crew accommodation management is a source of immense pride for us. Over four decades, we’ve set industry benchmarks, expanded horizons, and redefined the layover experience. Our unwavering dedication to our mission and clients has propelled our growth, driving us to continuously innovate and adapt to the evolving travel landscape.

In a world that values efficiency, excellence, and cost-effectiveness, API stands as the only provider of unparalleled service and technology-driven solutions. Welcome to a world where crew members are cherished customers, where layovers transcend mere stops, and where API stands as your steadfast partner in crafting a journey that marries excellence with seamlessness.

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This article was originally published by API Global Solutions.


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