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UBS Airport Systems

In 1998, UBS Airport Systems was established and leaped straight into the aviation sector, one of the world’s most challenging sectors. UBS Airport Systems continues to fulfill the demands of airports with special attention to electronic and electro-mechanical devices whilst also offering high-tech solutions. Due to their organizational skills, attention to detail and completion of projects in a timely manner, it did not take long for UBS Airport Systems to become a recognized and reputable company of choice for many airports and contractors. UBS Airport Systems employees are professional and experienced. UBS Airport Systems gives the highest of priorities to their projects and are motivated for success. Due to our hard work and diligence, UBS Airport Systems has now become one of the most powerful players in the aviation electro-mechanical industry.

UBS Airport Systems is leading the way to produce state of the art products and has put Turkey on the Map in terms of Engineering and Labor.

Passenger Boarding Bridges

UBS’s inclusive extent of Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridges provides safe and easy docking operations and delivers higher-level passenger boarding experience. Our tailor made solutions, innovative technology and high quality elements makes the UBS’s PBB the best solution.

Our team will be designing and producing the Boarding Bridge manufactured to airport’s specific requirements, choosing the right size configuration, the drive system, the elevation type, body config, the most effective air conditioning system and other design elements, such as steel or glass tunnels, rain drains etc. The result is a highly durable Passenger Boarding Bridge capable of providing a long-lasting service at your airport.

Lift and travel systems are visualizing and engineered to extend maximum energy efficiency. The Passenger Boarding Bridge constructure is prepared to receive Ground Support Equipment such as PCA and GPU which deliver preconditioned air and electricity to the stationed aircraft, reducing its energy consumption.

UBS builds its Passenger Boarding Bridges with the latest cabin and updated technologies and extends a total and reliable safety system. point-and-go technology, multiple sensors and fully automated docking system provide simple, and successful docking operations, anticipate any risk for the aircraft or operator on the apron.

UBS’s Passenger Boarding Bridges are offering a stronger and more lightweight structure made of superiority steel. All materials that used by UBS are tested and the manufacturing process is certified to guarantee superb lastingness.

Airfield Ground Lighting

In 1998 UBS Airport Systems was established and leaped straight into the aviation sector to reduce foreign-source dependency.

UBS Airport Systems design, manufacture and install high quality, easy to use and long-lasting 100% domestically sourced airfield ground lighting, airfield safety and flight information equipment, which conform to the highest international standards.

UBS Airport Systems offers a wide range of products including airport runway and taxiway lights, remote controls and monitoring systems, docking guidance systems, flight information systems, frangible approach masts, insulating composite fences, isolation transformers, constant current regulators and manhole covers.

Flight Information Systems

UBS Airport Systems’ Passenger Information Systems are designed with the latest technology to inform and direct passengers to the right places at the right times. These systems are also used for advertisement purposes and to inform the drivers heading to the airport. UBS Airport Systems’ Passenger Information Systems can be integrated with many other systems being used at the same place over a network.

Docking Guidance Systems

Visual Docking Guidance Systems (VDGS) greatly improve safety at the gate. A standard VDGS is designed for ramp positioning only and utilizes both human and mechanical elements to guide pilots to bring the airplane nose-in and stops the aircraft in a precise position where boarding bridges and fuel pits are easily accessible.

The new generation of docking guidance equipment is a fully automated, active system that ICAO classifies as an Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS). UBS Airport Systems’ advanced visual docking guidance system benefits the airport, pilots and aircraft crews by saving time and greatly reducing the risk of damage to the plane during marshaling onto the bay. ICAO ANNEX 14, Volume 1, Paragraph 5.3.25 defines advanced visual docking guidance as those systems that provide pilots with active guidance information in at least three stages: acquisition of the aircraft by the system, the azimuth alignment of the aircraft and the stopping position information. In addition, an A-VDGS must provide accurate guidance to pilots in both seats.

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UBS | Innovative Engineering

Innovative Engineering

UBS | Passenger Boarding Bridge

Design your own Passenger Boarding Bridges

UBS | Frangible Approach Masts

Frangible Approach Masts

UBS | Insulating Composite Fence

Insulating Composite Fences

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