European Airport Coordinators Association

Address: c/o Brussels Slot Coordination (BSC)
New Terminal, 4th Floor, TMA 530
BP 27
Tel: + 49 69 69050271 Connect: Website: View website

EUACA (European Airport Coordinators Association) is an association registered under Belgian law with 20 European coordinators and schedules facilitators as members who together are responsible for allocating slots or advising schedule timings at more than 100 European airports.

The EUACA provides a forum for members (located in countries where EU Regulation 95/93, as amended applies) and associate members (located in other European countries) by:

  • supporting and assisting members
  • representing the interests and views of members
  • establishing best practices in airport coordination and schedules facilitation
  • developing and implementing ‘Recommended Practices’
  • improving standards of coordination and schedules facilitation
  • exchanging information between members
  • ensuring the consistent and efficient application of the rules and regulations
  • deciding on common positions and actions
  • working with European and worldwide organisations to improve rules and regulations
  • providing opportunities for the training and development of new members
  • developing and implementing online coordination technologies
  • organising industry seminars in topical issues
  • organising the Schedules Optimisation Meetings (SOMs)

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